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Discover Your Rhythm

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, Tampa

A major expansion project was slated for the two Florida Hard Rock Hotel-Casino brands. Redline Media Group built a unique concept with deep roots in Hard Rock’s culture, and its rich historical association with music as reflected in the new amenities at the properties. Strategically, the overarching campaign—“Discover Your Rhythm—" was designed to tap into the primal human need for exploration and resonate with the rhythms that are a central part of life and living. These rhythms are physically manifested by the sights and sounds occurring in and around the properties. “Discover Your Rhythm… ” because the night is forever young.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tampa

Project Details

Seminole Gaming

October, 2019


"Discover Your Rhythm" was designed to resonate deeply within the target audience. Music has a rhythm. Life has a rhythm. We all have a rhythm.
The need for discovery is a primal one that has driven humans for millennia. They seek what they wish to find, and bring back more than they could have ever dreamed of prior to the journey.