About us

Redline Media Group is an award-winning, Native American, woman-owned creative marketing, advertising and strategic communication agency with a focus on not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of our Clients. We refer to our Clients as Partners, and approach each and every project as a partnership, with passion, vigor and intensity, maximizing our collective efforts to achieve the greatest results. Our entire team exudes our most revered mantra, which is "Working Together, Works!"


Redline Media Group was founded on quality, vision, commitment, dedication and service. We are committed to providing unique and impactful solutions-- including our own proprietary process of Scivertising™ that will distinguish your brand from the competition. Experience the Redline Effect today.


Our Process


We ask good questions, and we're very good listeners. We do research... lots of it.


None of us is as smart as all of us, so we'll all work together to really understand.


We'll shine the light on diverse ideas and influences finding new ways to come together.


Words, images & media are systematically aligned for maximum memorability & impact.


Your messaging executed with a deliberate and strategically defined purpose.


360 degree results evaluation identifies further opportunities & potential strategies.


Continuous improvement ensures what is working works even harder and what isn't goes away.


Man Shrugging
How Are You? Don’t Really Care
No one asks, "How are you?" expecting to hear anything but "Fine, thanks!" with perhaps an added, "And how are you?"
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Goals Image
Adapting, Reacting and Success in a Global Pandemic
It’s a great time to consider what changes the recovery from COVID-19 may necessitate, and to start planning now how to get ahead of the curve. Redline Media Group knows first-hand what it meant to pivot, adapt and react for ourselves and on behalf of our client-partners in 2020.
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Strategy Image
Strategy and the Seeds of Solution
… a solution exists for most problems, and that we can often arrive at that solution by examining the problem itself from all angles and considering different approaches.
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