Who Are We ?

Redline Media Group is an award-winning, Native American, woman-owned creative marketing, advertising and strategic communication agency with a focus on not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of our Clients. We refer to our Clients as Partners, and approach each and every project as a partnership, with passion, vigor and intensity, maximizing our collective efforts to achieve the greatest results. Our entire team exudes one of our most revered mantras, which is "Working Together, Works!"


What we do ?

Our Team applies the rules of Scivertising™ to every creative campaign. Scivertising™ is a strategic proprietary creative process developed by Redline Media Group, which utilizes colors, shapes, treatment styles, messaging components, and visuals, that are influenced by a unique balance of analytical data and scientific principles. The appropriate combination of these receptive and creative characteristics, allows for a visual message campaign to communicate effectively, further resonating within the targeted consumer. The implementation of this process can establish a deeper emotional and subconscious connection, ultimately creating a transactional action.